There are so many shows that are directed towards the kids. Out of the many, few steal the spot. It can be because of their storyline, or animation, or simply they just got popular, but when we are talking about the best, few are there that steal the spot.


Ou can watch the StoryBots on Netflix. It is one of the popular shows ads of now. In every episode, the cartoon guide-bot answers a question by a real mid. Every episode has a special guest, and it has been appreciated for coming up with a unique idea and presenting it in the most fun way. The episode length is 25-30 minutes.

Beat Bugs:

Beat Bugs

The episode length of Beat Bugs on Netflix is 14-24 minutes. There is a cast of animated insects, and the journey they embark on is retrofitted to the lyrics of Beatles songs. It is not for adults, but they may like it, however, when it comes to kids, it’s theirs.

Great British Baking Show:

You can watch this show on Netflix where every episode length is 52-67 minutes. The bakers compete against each other to show their baking skills. There are no winners or losers, and the show progresses with a representation of professionalism.  The judges are gentle.

Phineas and Ferb:

Phineas is who does all the talking in the show. He finds the materials for the inventions, but Ferb is silent. Both of them invent impossible things, but they do it in one day. They have a pet platypus who is called perry. He is a secret agent and has a secret lab under the house.

Shaun the Sheep:

You can watch Shaun the sheep on Amazon Prime. The episode length is 20 minutes, but every time you watch you will get the dose of entertainment.

Stranger Things:

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a TV series on Netflix and is much popular among teenagers as well as kids. It has the suspense, and every season new elements are added in the story. The series is directed toward kids, so you can be rest assured that it doesn’t have anything that is not meant otherwise.


This is an educational Show. Captain Barnacles, and his underwater explorer’s complete missions to help various sea creatures. The child will know a lot about sea creatures. This can be watched on Netflix.

The Simpsons:

The Simpsons are the best made. It’s a classic. You can watch it on Disney+, and the length of every episode is 23 minutes.

How It’s Made:

How It’s Made

If your kids like how the pipes work in the home or have an engineering bent, this is the best show for them. It can be watched on Youtube, and every episode is 4-5 minutes long.

Peep and the Big Wide World:

You can watch the Peep and the Big Wide World on Amazon prime. Each episode is two 12-minute segments.


Some shows will never grow old, and these are one of them. They have a unique capacity to keep you entertained, and some of them are also educational.


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